Directed by Mahmoud Al Massad, Produced by Mahmoud Al Massad and Omar Massad, Dima Hamdallah, Feature Length Documentary, 90 minutes, 2012.

Mohamed runs a photography studio that he inherited from his father as well as a big house and bigger responsibility of a wife, son, sister and blind aunt. As his business goes down he has no other way to get himself out but to enter into the world of wizardry. It all begins when his child says that he can see a dog in their garden that no one else can. People around him believe that there are super powers that guard valuable things that are buried like gold. Mohamed has to find a wizard, foreteller and digger to unbury the gold in his garden. He pays a high price for his team, and after three days of digging a large rock blocks their way. Mohamed is haunted by dreams of his father Burhan who insists that he continues, leaving Mohamed with no other choice but to keep digging.

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